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Health & Wellness are a Human Right

Offering compassionate Holistic Care with Traditional Afrikan Medicine, for BIPOC + LBGTQIA+ Folks, globally.

How we help?

I focus on helping others get unstuck in personal health, imbalanced emotions & spiritual discontentment while assisting in Reclaiming their Divinity. Whether it be the process of Holistic Discernment in one’s purpose, or advocating for BIPOC and LBGTQIA+ Birth and Reproductive rights, I live and serve as a passionate and certified Holistic Wellness Therapist and educator for my community and the world.
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Services Provided

Holistic Wellness Consultations and Coaching

  • Synergy Report:1 time Consultations
  • Holistic Discernment: 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Full Spectrum Wellness: 1 on 1 Total life reboot

Premium quality materials

  • Womb wellness
  • Holistic Fertility
  • Gender different services/support

Holistic Full-circle Family Planning, Education & Support

Holistic Birth Support and Conscious Family planning

  • Pre-conception & conception support for birthing folx -Holistic pregnancy advocacy and education
  • Breastfeeding / chestfeeding education and support
  • Postpartum care/support for the non-traditional family

T. Luna Imhotep, MDiv

Hey, ya’ll I’m T. Luna aka “Your Friendly neighborhood Shawombmyn.”

I’m just a Black, Queer, Eco-womanist, loving people into alignment.

Yeah, I’m kinda an Author

Happy Clients. True Testimonials.

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